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IN TANDEM Blu-Ray Release


Lucia Lin violin Michael-Thomas Foumai composer Akshaya Avril Tucker composer Nicky Sohn composer Nicolas Lell Benavides composer Rajna Swaminathan composer Iman Habibi composer Kerwin Young composer David Reminick composer Dustin Carlson composer Roger Zare composer

Release Date: June 24, 2022 Catalog #: RR8059 Format: Digital & Physical

10 emerging composers assemble and offer insight into our societal world through music on IN TANDEM from violinist Lucia Lin. Each work featured on this album represents a social cause close to its composer’s heart, commenting on inequality and breaking down barriers by building social awareness. Orchestrated in intimate duo settings, Lin’s virtuosic violin playing is complemented by a variety of selected string, percussion, piano, and vocal performers, each offering a fresh ingredient to a diverse and conversation-igniting program.


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