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14 minutes

Violin, Cello, Piano, Timpani (Wood Blocks)


First Performance: November 13, 2007

Richard Lee, violin

Jeff Hamano, cello

Pavlina Nakalenova, piano

Mark Lindberg, timpani


University of Hawaii, Honolulu, HI, USA






The title of this work suggests a duel between consorts in a concerto like nature. The character of the concerto and duel are synonymous it its display of technical prowess against the accompanying entity, the tutti force. In this spirit, the dueling consorts are two stringed instruments, violin and cello, and a broken consort, piano and timpani. The structure is based in ABA imposed with a sonata rondo form. Section A begins with an extended 5-part ABACA rondo (Exposition) and transitions into a slower B section (Development) in which section A, B, and C are intertwined. A sudden return to a faster agitated tempo via cadenzas segues into A2 (Recapitulation) ending with an energetic Coda.


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