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Paoakalani [Heavenly Scent] (No Date)

Arranged By Moon Kauakahi

Orchestrated By David Kauahikaua

“Paoakalani” was the name of Liliʻuokalani’s home in Waikīkī, now but a memory, and memorialized in two of the Queen’s songs (the other being “Kuʻu Pua I Paoakalani”). While the latter song recalls the nostalgic days when the flowers bloomed so lushly at her home, this song tends to express her anguish of love for her former home in chilly metaphors, as is evident in the 2nd and 3rd verses as well as in the chorus. The tune was borrowed to some extent from 19th century American composer Nelson Kneass. (Moon Kauakahi)

Anoano liʻulā ka nahele

Ka nohona i Paoakalani

Nihi ana ka leo o ka ʻohe

Kapalili i ka welelau makani.


Ua lawa ia mea i ʻaneʻi lā

E liʻa mau nei i ke anu

Ke kono aʻe nei e ʻike lā

I ka wai huʻi o Kawaihau.



Lōliʻi analipo anuhea ke aloha

Pā koni huʻi i kuʻu manawa

Ka hikina iho nei walania lā

I nā hola kulu ʻiʻi o ka pō.


ʻIniki ʻolu i ka ʻili ke anu lā

Huʻihuʻi kololio i kuʻu kino

ʻAnapa ke nahele i nā kulu kēhau

Paoa i ke ʻala lau ʻawapuhi.

*Compiled by Michael-Thomas Foumai. Digitally published for the Hawaiʻi Symphony Sheraton Starlight Series on June 4-6 2021.

The forest, quiet and calm at twilight

As I stayed at Paoakalani

So soft was the rustle of the bamboo

Quivering at the wind’s touch.


Enough of that here

Always yearning in the cold

Here’s an invitation to experience

The chilly water of Kawaihau.



Love relaxes and refreshes from afar

Throbbing ache in my affections

Because of this recent visit, I feel anguish

In the evening hours, passed in deep desire.


The cold pleasantly nips one’s skin

Like a sudden chilly breeze over my body

The forest sparkles with dew drops

Perfumed with the scent of ginger leaves.

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