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Makana (b.1979)

Puakea Nogelmeier (b.1953)

Bali Kamahaʻo (2002), 6 minutes

Arranged by Theresa McCreary

The work is scored for gong, wind chimes, finger cymbal, strings, solo violin, guitar and voice.

Bali Kamahaʻo was first recorded and released as part of the album Kōī Au. Shattering the stereotypical perception of present day Hawai’i Nei, the album’s multi-cultural musical adventure explores where no other Hawaiian album has before. Spanning Chinese, Jazz, Indonesian, Indian, Bluegrass, Hawaiian, Classical, Portuguese, African and Mambo influences, Kōī Au is a “landmark musical statement” (Star Bulletin, 2002) that expresses the true musical diversity of Makana in the exotic context of Hawaiian slack key.

*Digitally published for the Hawaiʻi Symphony Sheraton Starlight Series on July 9-11, 2021.

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