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Directed by: Sophia Whalen 2020 | 8 min.

World Premiere: November 5-29, 2020 (Hawaii International Film Festival, ACM UHM Showcase)

Country: United States

Language: English

Genre: Animation



Pua Warriors is an animated action film about magical girls Leilani, Ayaka, and Jasmine who need to prevent a sludge monster from destroying their hometown on Hawaiʻi island. But when a big mistake causes a rift in the team dynamic, Leilani is unable to use her full pua power to fight. How can they win?


Sound Design and Mix: Alexis Nelson

Animators: Gavin Arucan, Mirren Hollison, Jared Louis, Alexis Nelson, Chandelle Oliver, Roberto Renteria, Molly Tapken, Londy Tong-Lee, Sophia Whalen

Director: Sophia Whalen

Producer: Sophia Whalen

Executive Producer: Lisette Flanary

Cast: Sydnee Lum, Danae Naone, Sophia Whalen

Editor: Alexis Nelson

Music Composer: Michael-Thomas Foumai

Casting Director: Sophia Whalen

Art Designer: Gavin Arucan, Sophia Whalen

Sound: Timothy Manamtam, Alexis Nelson

Writer: Gavin Arucan, Sophia Whalen

Music: Michael-Thomas Foumai